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Welcome to Halton iparent!

No matter how you define your family, Halton iparent has the right information for you. Whether you’re looking for something specific or unique to your family, or general information about parenting or child development, you'll find in Halton iparent. We want all children and families to thrive, so we’re continually adding information and resources that will help yours build strengths and resiliency.

Our Kids Network knows that families face challenges in trying to find the right support and services. And we know that families want help throughout the many developmental stages of their children’s lives. We developed Halton iparent to make it easier and simpler to find the right kind of programs and services at the right time.

Halton iparent gives families easy, online access to Halton parenting programs, workshops, and services listings, plus information and resources in the Information Hub.

You’ll find programs and workshops ranging from courses for expectant parents to discussion groups for parents of teens. Although listings are primarily for adults who would like to know more about parenting, there are some programs for children and youth.

• The information is current, updates are timely and maps display the location of services.
• Programs are described in detail including agency contacts, descriptions, dates and times.
• Google maps show the locations of programs in the community.

Halton iparent is supported by Halton-based professionals, organizations and community agencies who work together to support and educate families just like yours.

A Resource for Families and Professionals
Halton iparent is an information and education site, designed to help families and professionals find the right programs and information at the right time. The listings and resources in Halton iparent are to provide parenting programs and information to families and should not replace professional support when families face behavioural, mental health, or interpersonal issues or crises. Adapted from

Accuracy and Errors
Listings and other information found in Halton iparent may change without notice, contain errors or be incomplete. Our Kids Network is not responsible for the interpretation, usability or suitability of the information for any intended purpose.

The listings in Halton iparent are compiled by Our Kids Network (OKN) for the purposes of providing parenting information. The information released from OKN is provided on an "AS IS" basis, without warranty of any kind, including, without limitation, any warranty as to accuracy, suitability for a particular purpose or non-infringement of any intellectual property rights that may be held by others.

Inclusion of a program, service, or resource on the Halton iparent website is not an endorsement of that program, service, or resource by Milton Community Resource Centre, Our Kids Network or its partners.

Halton iparent is operated by the Milton Community Resource Centre in partnership with Our Kids Network

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