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A strong connection leads to happier, healthier children.

Build connection with your child everyday through play, cuddles, laughter, and by giving your child your full attention.
Follow your child’s lead.  Let your child choose an activity or provide them with options for family activities.
Cuddle your child.  Let them know that you care, help them identify and express their emotions, and be there for them when they need you.
Talk with your child.  Ask questions about their day, encourage them to talk about their feelings, and listen to what makes them happy, sad, or scared.
Make memories together.  Whether it’s celebrating birthdays or holidays, having a dance party, playing in the park, or spending quiet time together, these moments will last a lifetime.
Enjoy time together as a family.  Use mealtimes to connect, go on a family walk, enjoy a family games night, look at family photos, or share your favourite memories together.
Take time to read, sing and tell stories together.  Let your child choose the book, read a favourite story from your childhood, sing songs in the car or during bath time, or make up rhymes and stories together before bedtime.

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