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Play & Learn

When you play with me, you’re helping me learn.

Play with your child.  Provide opportunities to play together, arrange playdates, and encourage them to play with others in your neighbourhood.
Let your child help whenever possible.  Give them small tasks to do, such as: counting apples; measuring or mixing ingredients together when cooking; making a card for someone’s birthday; or washing toys in the tub.
Be active together.  Have a dance party, chase bubbles, play hide and seek, toss or kick a ball, move like different animals, or go for a walk around the block.
Go outside and explore.  Have fun in the yard or the park, go on a nature walk, explore a new trail, dig in the dirt, or meet up with friends and neighbours.
Spend time playing together.  Try a new game, explore a local park, enjoy cooking as a family, or visit the local library.
Enjoy time together.  Build a pillow fort, make crafts, play board games, have an indoor picnic, or read a book.
Try make-believe play.  Play dress up in old clothes or costumes, build a fort out of old blankets, grab a bucket and go digging in the dirt, or go outdoors and look for birds, plants, and bugs. 

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